The Window Works family is growing! Introducing the new ProWash, professional pressure washing services from the same company that you’ve come to depend on to clean your windows.


We have invested our time and money to bring our training, tools, and techniques to properly clean all of the common and uncommon materials that we find on and around our homes including:

  • Flatwork – Concrete Driveways, Sidewalks and Patios | Brickwork and Pavers | Fireplaces, Firepits and Pool Decks
  • Houses – Stucco | Vinyl siding | Hardiplank | Wood Trim | Gutters

Each one of these materials requires a different type of chemical to clean the hard to remove stains that consumer-grade pressure washers and basic chemicals sold at big-box stores can’t remove. The hard to remove stains can include:

  • Dark spots commonly caused by organics – algae, mold, leaves, and other decomposing material
  • Dark spots or white spots/streaks caused by mineral deposits
  • Rust stains
  • Oil and other car-related stains like tire marks

Each of these materials and stains requires different techniques as well. For houses we use a soft-wash system applying with low-pressure that will dwell on your house for a few minutes, removing common stains such as algae or mold. Then we rinse it off using low-pressure. This is especially safe for stucco and because we don’t use high pressure there is zero chance that we will damage your home. For flatwork we treat with the specific chemical for the specific scenario and let it dwell for 10-30 minutes, then typically rinse with our commercial surface cleaner or use direct-pressure with our wands.

Finally, we take the time to protect the rest of your home, especially your grass, trees, plants, and gardens by pre-wetting, then rinsing them as part of our process. There’s no need to worry about dead plants!



First, estimates are free and you don’t need to be home. In most cases we can provide virtual estimates utilizing satellite imagery, and real estate listings. This process is not perfect but gets us very close. Unlike windows prices (you have X windows, and they cost $4.45/ea/side) the price for your driveway and sidewalks will vary greatly depending on their shape. At first glance, you may think that it’s the size that matters, but that is only part of the equation. The price is based on time. We have a minimum charge of $139 for a simple, square 4-car driveway and a 20-foot front sidewalk.


When you consider the endless variations between any 2 homes (brick, vinyl siding, partial brick, stucco, Hardiplank) and the variation in landscaping and decks, it makes it extremely difficult to provide a one size fits all pricing on homes. That said, it is still possible to provide a  reasonably good estimate based on the square footage of your home.

  • Homes under 2500 square feet typically run $225
  • Homes from 2500 square feet to 3500 square feet range from $225-$325
  • Homes from 3500-5000 square feet will run $325+

Homes over 5000 square feet are difficult to give a ballpark price. On-Site estimates are free and we never require someone to be at home. Remember, the price is ultimately based on time, and houses of this size are typically complex in their architecture as well as their landscaping.


Our basic deck service is an add-on to either a house or driveway pressure wash job and consists of mild commercial detergents to rinse off the dirt that a normal hose cannot. We do not apply harsh chemicals or high pressure to a deck cleaning. A standard 200sq/ft deck is an additional $75. When we have completed our job, your deck will not look like it’s been freshly painted, but will not be dirty.

If you plan to restain your deck after we pressure wash it, then the price can vary greatly by the house and the type of deck material and stain. In this case, we will apply harsh stripping chemicals, and commercial wood brighteners and might use higher pressure than a standard rinse. When we have completed our job, including all handrails, balusters, and steps your deck will be ready to be restained or painted. A standard 200sq/ft deck would be a minimum of $750 depending on the height and number of stairs. That price might seem high, but fully stripping a deck properly requires a lot of time, and the right combination of chemicals. Think of a deck stripping as more of a home improvement project than a home-maintenance task.

NOTE: We don’t guarantee the lowest price but we do guarantee that we WILL:

  • answer our phones
  • return your call
  • confirm your appointment
  • show up on time
  • professionally clean and not damage your home
  • provide you with the same excellent, professional customer service that you expect from the Window Works family!