Prior to updating our website we went looking for ideas – from our competitors.

It is hard to say what we gained from that experience because we were so taken back by the fact that not ONE of the 4 websites we visited posted their pricing – not one. Any reasonable person would have to wonder how window cleaning or pressure washing could be so complicated that you could not, or would not post your prices.

It is NOT complicated, unless you want it to be complicated for a reason.

Having hired employees who worked for these companies, as well as hearing your feedback after being lured in by  loss leader advertising like Groupon, the answer is simple – for them, how-ever and where-ever they can, they will find something extra to charge you for.

  1. Ladder Fees: For having to bring a ladder inside your home (yes, really)
  2. Gas Surcharge: In our opinion, that “should” be a just a cost of doing business
  3. Travel charge: Again, this should be considered part of the cost of doing business
  4. Ala Carte: Where you are charged extra, oftentimes almost double, for only cleaning “some” of your windows.

And all of this is BEFORE you get into the game of “negotiating” the price because what you were quoted on the phone is night and day from what they quote you when they arrive at your home. For them, it is clearly a game, and according to those of our staff who have worked for them, most of these companies have an hour long meeting each morning – not to talk about how to do a better job, or provide better customer service, but purely on how to better “sell” you.

…and they wonder why our industry has a bad reputation.

In our 30 years we have never once shied away from posting our prices. No tricks, no surprises, no hidden fees.


OUR PRICES: There are 2 prices for window cleaning:

During your Neighborhood Sale Week the price is $3.95 per window,per side. If cleaning both inside and out the price would then be $7.90 per window.

Our normal price, for any time other than your sale week, is $4.45 per window, per side. If cleaning both inside and out the price would then be $8.90 per window.

And no, we most certainly do NOT (according to one of our competitors) just stand on the ground and spray off the windows with a garden hose CLICK HERE

NEIGHBORHOOD SALE WEEK: Our service area runs from Grayson to Acworth. In a service business a large part of the cost of doing business is travel, and everything associated with travel (trucks, gas, maintenance). Almost from our start Window Works focused not on individuals, but on neighborhoods. And by offering a Sale Week to a group of neighborhoods in certain parts of town at certain times of year our travel was virtually eliminated. IT ALSO MEANS THAT WHEN WE TELL YOU WE WILL BE THERE BETWEEN 10-11AM, WE WILL!

MINIMUM ORDER: As with any legitimate service business we simply must charge a minimum to come to your home. Because we offer more than just cleaning windows (fans and chandeliers) we have a DOLLAR minimum, not a minimum number of windows.

During the Sale Week our minimum charge is $135. That could be either 34 exterior,  17 inside and out , or some combination of windows, fans and a chandelier.

Our minimum charge during anytime other than the Sale Week is $150 – That could be either 34 exterior,  17 inside and out , or some combination of windows, fans and a chandelier.

HOW OFTEN: We are frequently asked how often people have their windows cleaned. Our Semi Annual Neighborhood Sale Week is based on the fact that outside windows rarely stay clean longer than 6-7 months. Inside windows on the other hand, can be cleaned as seldom as once each year. For our customers who truly love to have clean windows this is what we recommend: Have us clean the exterior whenever we offer the Sale Price to your neighborhood, and clean then interior every OTHER time. By doing so you will save a great deal of money, not to mention having clean windows all year long.

DECISIONS, DECISIONS: Another question we frequently receive is what a typical service call is like for us. Our customers fall into 3 categories. There are those who wish to have everything done ( Interior, Exterior windows, Fans, Chandeliers and anything else they can find!). The second group will have us clean only the exterior, and the 3rd group will have us clean the Exterior windows and will request us to clean 1 or 2 “hard to reach” inside windows or perhaps the Chandelier or Fans.

COUNTING WINDOWS: If you are a new customer you can use the examples below to count your windows before you call. There are NO hidden charges and NO “add ons”. Our service people will gladly recount your home upon arrival and prior to service.

When counting your windows, the up and down part together make 1 window. Windows that are side by side still count as 2 windows, and a “Bay” window will typically count as 3 windows.

IMPORTANT TIP: We have found through the years that virtually every home, almost regardless of style or design, will have 10 windows for every 1000 square feet of “living space” (excluding the basement as it does not have all 4 walls exposed). So a good point to start in counting your windows is to figure 10 “standard” windows for every 1000 square feet of living space.

Once you have calculated the number of windows in the living areas then count the windows and glass doors in the basement. If you have 3600 square feet, you probably have 36 windows, plus the basement. Nine times out of ten this will give you an estimate within 1-2 windows!

THE EXCEPTION to this rule is that many traditional and luxury homes will have numerous transoms, arches and sidelights around and above their normal, double hung windows and doors. Do not forget to include these as they ARE counted as a separate window and the larger the home the more of them you probably have.

That may seem unfair – at first, to be charging for such tiny windows but keep in mind we do not charge extra for the over-sized windows, like that huge palladian window over the front door.

Once you consider all of your large windows, it really does average out.

Here is a good example of a 3600 square foot home – with finished basement, windows in the garage AND glass in the overhead garage doors:

3600 square feet = 36 windows
Windows and doors in Basement = 8
Transoms, sidelights, arches = 7
2 Overhead Garage doors with glass = 2
Normal Double Hung windows IN the garage = 2

Total 55 windows

Keep in mind that for convenience or budget reasons that many of our customers elect NOT to have certain windows cleaned – such as the basement or garage windows, or doors that they are continuously cleaning due to pets or children. The above is merely an example. What you choose to have done is entirely up to you and there are no hidden charges if you choose to clean select windows either inside or out.