During your Neighborhood Sale Week – CALL NOW for more Info!
$3.95 per window, per side
If cleaning both inside and out: $7.90 per window

Our normal price, for any time other than your sale week
$4.45 per window, per side
If cleaning both inside and out: $8.90 per window

As with any service business, we must charge a minimum. Because we offer more than just cleaning windows (fans and chandeliers) we have a DOLLAR minimum, not a minimum number of windows.

During your Sale Week, our minimum charge is $135.
Our minimum charge during any time other than the Sale Week is $150
That could be either 34 exterior,  17 inside and out, or some combination of windows, fans, and a chandelier.

– We are sorry – we DO NOT negotiate prices. Our field technicians are instructed to price consistently across all customers!

COUNTING WINDOWS: If you are a new customer you can use the examples below to count your windows before you call. There are NO hidden charges and NO “add ons”. Our service people will gladly recount your home upon arrival and prior to service.

When counting your windows, the up and down part together make 1 window. Windows that are side by side still count as 2 windows and a “Bay” window will typically count as 3 windows. Many traditional and luxury homes will have numerous transoms, arches, and sidelights around and above their normal, double-hung windows and doors. Do not forget to include these as they ARE counted as a separate window and the larger the home the more of them you probably have.

Here is an example of a Window Count including transoms above six windows and the door and sidelights next to the door. The big Palladian window over the door still counts as one window. The bay window on the right is six on the bottom and three on the top.

The back is typical, with no transoms, sidelights, or arches. We count each skylight as one window:

For interior transoms – three transoms are six sides – They count as SIX windows:

We DO NOT charge for extras such as:

  1. Gas or Travel Surcharge: This is the cost of doing business.
  2. Ladder or other Equipment/Supply Fees: For having to bring a ladder or soap to the job site!
  3. Ala Carte: Where you are charged extra, for only cleaning some of your windows.

In our 30 years, we have never once shied away from posting our prices and window counting method. No tricks, no surprises, no hidden fees.